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Beyond Central Park

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Please welcome guest blogger Jen from

  If parks and attractions in New York think, you think that the Central Park and the American Museum of natural history, Central Park Zoo, the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of art.  Right?  But what about the rest of the 4 city?  I have a blog unseen NYC where I tried to focus the rest of the 4 city alike, because I've found that all my tour books about NYC have 1 chapter on the outer boroughs and the rest of the book is all about Manhattan.  Not that I don't like Manhattan, but I live in Brooklyn and in numbers, there are more people here (2,465,000) than in Manhattan (1,537,000).)It makes sense to go somewhere, I have tried to haben.Also which is things about the 5 boroughs in equal numbers to do.

  Central Park is known for the Central Park Zoo, is beautiful, a little on the small side, but for an afternoon excursion large and is located on the East side of the Park between 64th and 66.  Street.  The penguins were my favorite part, and the snow leopards were quite nice too.You have to a Petting Zoo on 65th Street, younger children and older although it could be uncool.This Central Park website is good for checking out all of the playgrounds in the Park.Sie can always find and hang and the children have for the afternoon to spielen.Hier is the Delacourte clock located between the Zoo and petting zoo.

  But most of the tourists who forget to converge on the other 4 boroughs and I have a few museums and sights that all in or nearby parks from each borough which are must sees to Manhattan.

Let's largest population in Brooklyn.Die wisely with 2,465,000 Census 2000. All in prospect Park - area is the Brooklyn - children's Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the prospect Park Zoo and the Brooklyn public library. The park itself is wonderful, a playground on the West side, fun for the kids!Coney Island in Brooklyn is another awesome day, a beach, a promenade, Nathan's, the NY Aquarium, a ball park and a really cool ride on the cyclone roller coaster.

Up in Queens, largest borough in size at 109 square miles, it is to see a few. The New York Hall of science is located in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, together with the Queens botanical gardens, Queens Museum of art and the Queens Zoo.If someone men in black are this erkannt.Dies is the Unisphere has seen and in the background the observation tower of the New York State Pavilion from Expo.

On is the Bronx and the biggest Park in Van Cortlandt Park.What it around in attractions it is missing, it makes for the Park.There are hiking trails, tennis courts, four playgrounds and oldest golf course of the country.This is one of the entrances:

In the Bronx there Bronx Park, home to the Bronx Zoo and the Bronx botanical gardens.

I have for the last, Staten Island saved, not because it's the worst, but a different kind of animal ist.Es there more cars and much less in pedestrians, so things is a little more distributed St. George opposite the ferry terminal, the courthouse and Borough Hall.Dahinter are St. George public library and Museum in Staten Island, and the Richmond County Bank ballpark, which is to get Yankees home.Um to Staten Island, Staten Island is the St. George Theater.Auch relating to would have to take the ferry from Manhattan:

All in all New York is not only Midtown, but also the other Stadtteile.Wenn please visit should check you out, hiking Midtown Manhattan for a change of scenery.



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