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Burma: A land apart

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Please welcome guest blogger Laura from

Burma is a land of Golden stupa and saffron dressed monks.It is a place where men dress in ankle-length skirts called Longyis and women cake their faces in a sandalwood paste Thanaka called as a sign of beauty. often land is home to pristine natural beauty and hill tribe communities without prejudice from the outside world.

Inle Lake is ideal to the hill tribe experience breathtaking panoramas of Burma and witness the raw simplicity of life of the Burmese people. Enveloped by the fog shrouded hills of Shan State in central Burma, welcomes Inle Lake with vibrant blue sky of puffy white clouds reflecting water in silence.

Strive to explore this remote area of Burma, I rented a long tail boat for the Tag.Mit my drivers as my guide wound I below remote channels and remote coves, where I observed people's Intha to inhabit the land bordering the Lake. For the Inthas is the center of their world. Many actually lives at sea in four-legged huts and almost all depend on the floating gardens grow your food.

The style of rowing is unique to Inle Lake here. In a tradition handed down for hundreds of years the Barefoot rest Intha Fischer a leg up on the stern of the boat, keep balance while the other leg tightly wound around the rudder.With hands free, rows of Fischer's networks launched, almost in unison, while a leg drives way.

Sit on the edge of water under the densely forested hills bröckelnden pagodas and teak monasteries.In the sweltering heat one morning sun I experienced streams of barefoot and solemnly ready monks, outstretched arms wearing Einzeldatei.Mit walk for wooden bowls to charity.Charity consist often of a donation of rice, the only meal of the day.

Over at the Golden stupa I saw small boats with women from neighbouring hill tribe villages to edge gefüllt.Ihre from narrow, wood cut boats as Sees.Blickte were my way, your eyes glass through the calm waters of the Inle under colorful headscarves and hands, the wound tightly to bamboo woven baskets were full hidden trading on the market.

I couldn't help but overwhelmed by the mystical beauty of Inle Lake werden.Mein window into the lives of people who inhabit this special land touched me deeply.



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