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Confessions of a Travelholic

Welcome please our guest bloggers Tracy the Gringa trail

One of the things love about being single is that I can go few friendly movies in a film memory and not worry about the Charter. You know that those who not to girlie, but there is no amount of killing and car chases, the middle way films. Rent without feeling guilty you can a chick flick and enjoy it with a glass of wine. I felt fantastic walk at the video store tonight; I wanted to see what I wanted. That was, until I ran into the incredibly attractive, cute happy couples who me in line. If the guy so gorgeous with his little gray hair sprinkled on the neck was not would you barf me have made. This is when I noticed that you are a movie when compared to the batch that crowded in my arms. In its cosy, a film on a Friday night under a blanket, these bastards!I know exactly what you are doing! probably not even make it through, pants, fuzzy socks and hoodies go a meager movie before jogging flying on the ground.

  The beautiful girls at the box office trying to convince me to pay extra so I I can avoid my films for 7 days instead of two nights in this way, the late fees. The thrifty girl is rejected and went for the cheaper option that I am I.If you get even me, I had two girlie films plus part one and two are Che leejack films long per 3 Stunden.Bemerkte I jogging pants clad few leave ", that is quite OK," I said. I have planned all out, only Che and I my weekend, and that's fine by me.

I went first to Julie and Julia to mieten.Ein friend recommended me to get me to make me inspired with my blog and ambition, a writer from the.  Apparently working on a cruise seniors offer much in the way of inspiration. The film was not, but I found confessions of a shopaholic, and surprisingly it inspire.

  My name is Tracy and I am a Travelholic. I to save every last penny for my next trip. I can stay in one place for more than 6 months, I start searching the net for airline tickets, buses nothing. At first I thought it was only dissatisfaction with where I was living.I wanted to live, but everywhere I go, I will meet more sehen.Der thrill at a level who do not know much about where I will but knowing it admits adventure to people had and sites to see. With each temple Museum, beach, jungle, it brings me only knowledge of more that I haven't seen. With every person I meet from another country it is only me find out more about where you want to come, go to your country and experience it.I am afraid to sign rent an apartment with the lease obligation.

What happens if I had the urge to go to India?I don't own a car or a mobile phone.I sold everything, I own and am constantly looking for more items on the Web, people seeks me with more money to my me to fuel and less possessions to me to the ground to setzen.Sagen I'll finally sick of it but alcoholic finally sick beer? maybe, but then move it to rum, whisky, vodka or Wein.Ich may get tired of Latin America but it is then Africa, India, Asia, Northern and Eastern Europe, which could list the pages in an Atlas weitergehen.Die world is the traveler without me move on while I'm on a boat in Canada bin.So stuck as it is beautiful, I the data from the calendar exceed small marks on the wall, scratching, biting at the bit and squeezing every penny.

T-92 days and include destination unknown.



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