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You can travel the world for less than you spend each month to fill your gas tank.

World travel is cheap and einfach.In of fact with a little practice and effort travel you the world for free.

The idea that travel is expensive and difficult bullshit peddled by tour companies, hotel chains and media companies.

The tourism industry wants to buy cruise packages and stay at the all inclusive resorts.

You want to choose a trip experience the same way you would a new jacket in the Mall wählen.Sie want your credit card number.

The tourism industry wants the simple secrets of free travel not me, but I'll definitely with you to share.

It can be scary to coach in the world with nothing more than optimism and good will, but personal freedom begins a leap of faith.
1. Embrace the simple joy of traveling
The joy new experience is the most beautiful thing about travel - and new experiences are free.

Travel exempt from the grinding Daily Routine.Sie explore new places, meet new people, trying new foods and learn things about the world - and self-, you never thought possible were.

Joy, new experience is the most wonderful thing about travel - and new experiences are kostenlos.Gehen a city streets.And chat with a lokalen.Menschen see stop in a public park. Get off at the top of a hill and watch the sunset over the ocean.

The simple joy of a new place is only one thing-of... wait for it... going somewhere new.No tour package that is required.

2. Keep your needs to A minimum

The modern American economy is based on the false premise that people were constantly new and need services to buy.Again, I call bullshit.

People need fresh air, healthy food, clean water, exercise, creative stimulation, companionship, self-esteem and a safe place to the sleep.

All these things are easy to get.Most of you are free.

For fresh air outside gehen.Machen you walking Übung.Gehen for creative stimulation somewhere new.Make a friend for companionship.Turn off the TV for self esteem inhale deeply, and open your mind of the basic goodness of the world.

Things like food and shelter are much cheaper, if outside the United Staaten.finden see # 5 below for ways to get food and shelter for free.
3. Go slow

Cambodian coast.Photo by Ryan Libre

If you live in New York and 2 want to bring week Africa holiday, is it very difficult (if not impossible, see section 8) free of charge to travel.

In fact, as long as you believe that time is money, will spend money all the time.

Time is not money.Time is kostenlos.Sie have all the time in the world.

Buy instead of a ticket, catch a ride from West, or remodel an old sailboat or simply hop on your bike ride from the city centre.The slow travel you who will spend less money, you.
4. Leave your possessions and obsessions behind

If you need to travel, you need a car rental bezahlen.Sie.You need no oven, washer dryer, electricity, cable TV, a gym membership, a sofa and loveseat or a wardrobe of full clothing.

Need a suit and tie, to take your job because you have no job brauchen.Sie not paying bills, ensure because there are no bills to pay.

You are free.
5. Trust people, and you will receive free food and accommodation

Many people are ready to their homes for travelers to open chip in with a few choir and give you a free meal too.

CouchSurfing and WWOOF online networks are two phenomenal, passengers, the connection with local hosts helfen.CouchSurfing members are a place to sleep for a night travelers willing or travellers combines two geben.WWOOF with organic farmers who want to trade and lodging for an extra hand.

Many members of CouchSurfing and the WWOOF looking alternative to high-impact consumer culture.
6. Learn a useful craft or skill

If you can get for free a skill such as cooking, animal husbandry, massage, musical abilities or basic carpentry, catering and accommodation as you travel Exchange.
Travel, the easier it becomes slower you be a mutually beneficial arrangement to work with a local community or host.

General estimated skills like cooking are often free travel by teaching, teaching in each destination, visit best although niche skills in high demand, such as website design, sind.Englische native speakers are also useful to the world.

Travel, the easier it becomes slower you be a mutually beneficial arrangement to work with a local community or host.
7. Get out of the city

Although it is possible to travel free of charge in a big city, it's damn difficult. cities rely on money, and necessities such as fresh air clean water and to sleep somewhere safe are hard to get in cities.

Go to the country where people are relaxed, food is abundant and there is plenty of space for a traveller the layout your sleeping under the stars.
8. Find a job that you love, the journey includes

If you need an income figures to support loan or a child, find a job, the extensive calls Reisen.Es are millions of jobs in the global economy available that demand travel.

Of course, some jobs are easier than to love others and avoid much work, the trip includes destruction of local ecosystems and traditional ways and means of Lebens.Unethisch work as possible – it is bad for your health and worse for your soul.

For job ideas travel and adventure check out jobs section here on the traveler's notebook.
9. Embrace Serendipity

Free of charge, the World Touring requires a mix of forward planning and readiness opportunities and go with the flow.

Your new friend CouchSurfing company for a drive across the country wants? grab-your Pack and continue along! organic farm in Thailand needs a farm sitter for the rainy season? contact with Christian Shearer!

Kurt Vonnegut wrote that dance "peculiar travel proposals lessons from God."

Go dancing.



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