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Malta, my first visit

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Please welcome Michael from

After falling ill in the jungle of Mexico last year, this year's travel has been something quieter than it otherwise could be.

I have traveled to different parts of Europe, and although I have visited Gozo this year was my first chance to spend time on the Mainland of Malta. I had hard very mixed opinions about Malta and was looking forward to the opportunity to see what there was.

Usually I a target to have done some research on what appear to both from a tourist standpoint and also, where most tourists would not go.However, I had for some reason not getan.Zum luck not prove it, being a problem is quite small such as Malta and there are few areas recommended visit.

The most famous of these areas is the silent city, and I found that this town a held fascination for me.Stroll through the winding paths in the labyrinth that is the city, you suddenly find yourself in a square where there no shadows from the intense heat before the walled streets back included.

Courtyard in the silent city of Malta photographed by Michael Wilding

Strolling through the streets of the town of silent the impression that nothing that much has changed since it is few exception created the occasional tourist shop and busy group of students on a journey.In contrast to other countries where I destroyed the atmosphere it apparently not here and are very fast again in peace, absorbs blows through the streets.

First enjoy just sitting in a cafe and soaking in the atmosphere, while the locals go about your daily business, gives me the opportunity to look more details about the environment.It will never cease to amaze me what you can find when you do this.

Petrol pumps for sale in Malta photographed by Michael Wilding

While sipping my coffee, I found myself staring at this gas station for a while, until I realized, that the gas pumps with something were connected!

Closer examination revealed that there is this gas pumps to the Verkauf.Nun probably a market for and a very good reason, but the idea used petrol pumps from a street shop under an umbrella is ice something I never before seen haben.Ich would be very interested to see your sales!

I enjoyed my stay in Malta.If, the cheap, quiet holiday with limited but interesting trips, looking for one, then can nothing wrong machen.Gekoppelt related, has excellent diving and AFEW to experience nights in Gozoadds area.

Winding photographed buildings in the silent city of Malta by Michael Wilding



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