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"If I was rich looking guy would punch, he sue me?"That was the question I to put my brother while we around our Onsen hotel in Kotohira, Japan gingen.Seine response was quick: "no, he would probably excuse to walk into your own."

It's funny, but it is actually an interesting point about how friendly Japanese people sind.Mein brother right - the man would probably there and apologize and extensively to Flex.Bowing to stop it, I would probably have him again… harder... somewhere chest - cavity-... with some knuckle dusters... Punch

Sometimes it seemed pretty bizarre to me as a Westerner (oh no, I used * the * word).Walk or in a hotel, restaurant, shop or Café and find you thanking the staff smiling sincerely happy to see (but not glad to see you leave), the bow. Yes, it of Nice, but come - I should be thanking you for my good food or service or for your beautiful shop umsehen.Ich feel me me shaking a violent like you - no, no liquid refreshment from milk produced.What makes a violent milkshake look anyway, for God's sake? it is served with a machete instead of a straw?

Anyway, back to my point - what a difference this kind of service that makes from the brand outlets in the UK, where they serve you in a shop, mumble price, your nose wipe on your sleeve (well, at least it's not your sleeves) and then stare as if to say, "go on then, I have done my something, can it in a bag."I would like to be served my spinach doughnuts with a smile, with a snarl and a fart of Mr ASBO.

Now, on another point of service. If you are somewhere out (a bit of a nonspecific statement I know) and a Japanese goes beyond for you (such as cleaning your windscreen in the petrol station), did not expect a tip for you.It is all part of the Dienstes.Gehen to the man give a tip, and he will not know what to do.

Question: When is Green Green but actually blue? Note: It is blind nothing to do with the color Convention frogs. Answer: when Japanese street crossings and street lights. Yes, although the light is so green like a moldy Apple jelly baby sitting on a plate with watercress in the Café Vert (note to self: there for the "dish of the day! '"), the light is blue blue and there is a blue man no green one.

While you are on the subject of the Green (or blue) man, I found it very entertaining to see Japanese at intersections. In Japan the rule was ' stop, look, listen with stop …. man… staring at blue. Hope.... ' ersetztTrotz the fact that has seen a car for months in both directions, you stand there... waiting for the Blue Man and the inevitable Muzac (probably the melody of the proclaimers ' would I walk 500 miles...) But it's a man red stop me ').I was told that it is important to cross, if the red man show beschämend.Also, people wait... and wait... and then suddenly a man thinks 'sod it, I will be too late for my chiropodists' and goes to cross. As wildebeest is waiting for a crocodile-infested River; once a cross suddenly go all.Of course it is shameful to cross the red man, once someone else done hat.Es comfort... only questions the UK X factor singing duo is less as a group, John and Edward ashamed.

Japanese women now (time to!). One thing I admire about Japanese women should take their efforts in short skirts and trousers in all weather conditions.Amazing....OK, enough admiring!

Oh, and while it comes to the opposite sex, I found out that the same in Japanese, which are words for 'hot' and 'Thick'.How are "high" and "expensive".Also next time you hear your Japanese friend say that high, hot man one..., taken you may think twice before an introduction to search and ask if you want to have no similar friends.

So, why a high percentage of men women find attractive (apart from the way you dress?).Now, I have a theory and it's all about student Dilatation.Es is scientifically proven that people become more attractive when your students expand - it is a sign, that someone is attracted to you (or someone is incredibly drunk) arriving Japanese women, your eyes tend to be very dark, making it seem, as if your pupils dilated are (or are hammered!).So, if you looked on your feet are, are anstarren.Nun which is what I think, my anyway.Ich in her eyes look the picture unten.Ihre eyes….are amazing.

This article was written by Alastair Hazell and comes from his blog of humorous observations chasing a Noodle.Die find original version of this article.



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