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The top 10 countries to travel for 2010

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Want insight into the future?

We have just our latest edition of the best in travel freigegeben.Wir look forward to the attention that it is always so we hot some lists to share inside - and get your thoughts.

To start with a bang, here is our list of the hottest ten countries for the next year - and why.

El Salvador

El Salvador creeps you: lefty lounge bars in San Salvador, the sobering Kriegerdenkmäler and museums, and along the lush cloud forest; it is a place of remarkable heat and intelligence, so unerwartet.Reisende made more attractive for being El Salvador tend, besought by marquee destinations such as Guatemala and Costa Rica, and stories of civil war and gang insecure to skip violence. But the war ended almost 20 years ago and crime, while Ernst, playing almost exclusively between rival gangs; tourists are virtually never involved. And although El Salvador has less protected than its neighbours, it practically to itself-including virgin forests, active volcanoes and mountain lakes.


Some countries may be simple, but Germany has had to several times as Madonna new to erfinden.Und it has done, so that again since 1990, when reunion brought an end to more than four decades of Division (thanks for the correction, Conetop!).In the year 20 after its latest rebirth, Germany is still a land where you can witness history in the making.Driving is to Hamburg, where from a whole new quarter from the detritus of a 19 port. Or to Dresden, where the vaulted Church is once again the diamond in the shining tiara, the famous skyline of the city ist.Und, of course, spawns their climate of openness to Berlin, more creative experiments as a Petri dish to viagra.

Rarely a destination meets the blurbs that shout "has something for everyone '- but Greece really tut.Ob to sniff you soak up the Sun on idyllic beaches or party till you drop ancient ruins, wage leveling for leave Greece travel is debt-free - hedonism was a piece of history in addition to a healthy disk - and everybody seems happy." To admire the dazzling clarity of the light and the aquatic environment of the flowery aromas that the air penetrate the penetrating mind of the spirit - and then sit down to look at it, all while consuming that large Greek combination of ouzo Octopus!


Malaysia gets often criticizes Thailand as mild compared with its aggressive neighbours and Indonesien.Es is true, natural disasters and coups seem to happen just beyond its borders, the streets have not too many holes, buses and trains have air conditioning and plush seats and hotels are of international standard.While some effort, can visit Malaysia cultural smorgasbord - yell jump down the throat of one of the most interesting parts of Southeast Asia and not too worried.Convenient connections to Europe and large exchange rates mean that you from your wallet either eaten get won't.

'Hello, Bonjour, Salaam Alaykum, labes?'Street greetings all about Morocco summarized in one word: it is Berber and Arab, Muslim and secular, Mediterranean and African, worldly ways and welcome.Morocco looks like in the Middle East is shown via satellite news and the Internet, and is so concerned with violent threats and abuse of power than anyone else in the modern world.But as you see, the most Moroccans are busy working to get to get your kids through school and visitors greet the King scheduled 10 million visitors to 2010 with the largest Gastfreundschaft.Jeder Moroccans helps to achieve these goals by new economic opportunities, and can you's day by a Moroccan return of greeting: "Hello, good day, peace can be with you, are you happy? '"


But can be for the Himalayas Nepal probably in the shadow of India put, but it is difficult, a shadow on a country that contains the highest point on Earth, the Summit of Mt. Everest.In the last decade, Nepal has its share of troubles but 2008 was a watershed year - the Government presented the rebels the Kingdom became a Republic and the King was the fall of the monarchy a Zivilist.Mit temple bells sound replaced the STOMP army boots and peace has returned to Tibet.
New Zealand

Recommend New Zealand too obvious, right?You are looking for something a bit edgier forward under the radar or off the beaten.But there is wisdom in the old adage ' if it ain't broke not fi x it ', and the last time we checked certainly needed land of Maori and hobbits reparieren.NZ's checklist of basic experience remains as strong as ever and ever. spectacular landscapes, from sea level to overthrow rainforests abound glaciers, geothermal sources and barren volcanic layers.A hearty pinch lens friendly wildlife, proud Maori culture and fine food and drink, and it's easy to see why the natives to be cooled.

Over at the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, wild the once great seafaring nation of Portugal today two very different worlds. for purists, this is a land of the great tradition of the Holy day festivals where ox-drawn carts or sawn timber by flower sprinkled, roads, and old vineyards sleepy during the annual harvest medieval villages to life erwecken.In other parts of the country is something now city centres decided modern transpirierenden.Alten long ago by the young and Upwardly mobile in favour of the suburbs abandoned slowly revived maintained.a new wave of boutiques, art galleries and cafés are new homes in once crumbling to find old buildings and locals start to rediscover the charm of the sparkling inner city areas.

South America of smallest land, both in area and population, one is simply his verschiedensten.Einige three-quarters of Suriname's people come from Chinese, Javanese and Indian workers, who in the eighteenth century arrived, and West African slaves in the 17.Hinzufügen native Indians and Lebanese, Jewish and Dutch settlers and have what it takes for many ethnic tensions properly? fortunately falsch.Suriname cultures is known for its peaceful coexistence, which is represented by the land of largest mosque and synagogue Paramaribo.Mit located each side by side in the capital most emblematically speak different languages, different holidays to celebrate and worship in various temples, visit is Suriname really like that hit several countries at once.

The USA is suddenly again cool! be 200 from Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln.Birthday last year or only tightened budget during the recession, but more Americans (even hipster) search backward compatibility - and foreigners to - and in traditional American historical sites, starting with Washington DC's freebie zone of museums and heroic monuments.



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