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Travel notes from A Singapore girl

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Today's guest blogger una Ragazza lives in New York. Together with a group of female Asian expatriates distributed, a blog managed tells of food, shopping, playing the story across three continents and to love. A native of Singapore, shares your list of 10 things to do for a first time visitor to the Asian island.

10. Go to its western end of Ostend of the country the MRT

Singapore u-Bahn u-Bahn system called aptly the mass rapid transit (MRT), as it about efficiently transports two million people across the country on a daily basis.For an affordable US $ 2 one can begin on an hour's tourist drive that easily takes you from the airport at the eastern end of the island glide smoothly over highways, public housing estates, food markets diamond-shaped the western coast and Einkaufszentren.In is to treat a real cultural scene on the MRT: to hear the local accent (Singlish) check out the local hipster fashion and kiddie behavior in a very crowded room to beobachten.Sie would be surprised how similar and different things are at home.

9. Eat the excellent seafood in Newton Circus

If somehow could I again have me home to Singapore for a meal to transport and the time to visit, a place you will Newton probably circus. From delicious Sambal stingray and oyster omelette, shrimp pasta and fish ball soup can this place a food orgy inflict an adventurous seafood lover.Bring many napkins.

8. Go underground shopping centre in Orchard Road

Year-round temperature 80-95 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity rates in the 1990s in the never ending row of air-conditioned Orchard Road shopping malls ducking is a Erholung.Eine is great experience on foot to eat your way through the underground malls, linking Orchard Road MRT Somerset MRT and then Dhoby Ghaut MRT and shop. Arise in your fresh and dry clothes at the other end, conquer the cluster museums walk distance.

7. Crash a beach wedding in Sentosa

A good way to Sentosa, the island playground, a hop, skip and a jump from the city, away from the hustle and bustle of the Mainland.Click a weekend evening you make near the resort hotels your way to the beaches and get with the native celebrates wedding nuptials beachfront toasty in the action.

6. Much coffee drink and stay for the night Safari

The award-winning night Safari is a one of a kind experience.As a country that is within has drawn first world status from the third world two generations, Singapore is known for numerous premieres and create other superlatives: the world's best seaport, the world's best airport, the world's best airline of world's largest artificial waterfall... the measures to the world's first Wildlife Park for nocturnal animals starts late, to enjoy so load up on the Starbucks, a trip to Africa at the equator.

5. Ride a bike in Pulau Ubin

When I was growing up, Pulau Ubin considered the backwaters of Singapore, with nary only people about mosquitoes to bieten.Die I knew, who visited the island were daring adventurers: Scouts! nowadays Ubin's image has received a face lift: people see it as a cool alternative to Sentosa - more rustic, less crowded.Bring much DEET, because the mosquito problem not way gone.

4. Catch a morning Assembly at a primary school

Whenever I, my friends in America, questions if you get except during sports games sing the national anthem I usually empty starrt.Ich often with my own look of surprise, since sing to respond the national anthem and the promise to recite is part of each school going child from 5 to 18 years in Singapore: we do it every morning before the first lesson.The sight of several hundred little tikes seriously and in unison should sing quite an eye opener for those who won't to such discipline and language skills used (the anthem of Singapore is in the Malay language that is approximately 15 percent of the population; the other races include Chinese and Indian).

3. Buy a Sari in little India

About every tenth Singaporeans is Indian, so it's only apt is a thriving, little India, the authentic enough for me, equipped less trusted feels. for those with two saris here with the Indian costume, the Sari comes with a Choli - a tiny shirt that is meant to each bit of the fat out on your stomach to pressen.Es, must have a belly if the Sari sexy.Nasi Biryani before a visit to the tailor, wear anyone?

2. Visit the brewery of one of the best beers of Asia, Tiger beer

For a young country, 200 years old Singapore has a more respectable Bier.So that if I Cambodia and Vietnam have visited recently, tourist provider T-Shirts with the logo of the Singapore citywide sold beer wurden.Beer drinks would appreciate this beer trivia: decades before the popular U.S. beer slogan, "It's Miller time" the motto was known, "it's time for a tiger" inspired a book by the British author A Clockwork Orange by.

1. Get 5 hours prior to departure Changi Airport!

You heard it right – with a few hours of free time at the airport, check the probably best retail, experience bereitstellt.Mit more than 300 shops and dining establishments across three terminals, as well as a full size tourist information center, beauty salon, music bar and lounge, Spa, nature trail and hotel, frankly it's much for Tom Hanks, if he ever here stuck to do for a while.

So there you go - try the above if it down to the Lion City.vergessen you not to leave the chewing gum at home.



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