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Le Marche and the Sibillini National Park

Villa San Rafael is away from the brands just outside of Sarnano, a short drive. An area that combines the Italian "throughout Italy in a province" announce.  High mountains, medieval villages and bordering to some of the better known Italian regions of Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia Romagna and Abruzzo, it is still an area of Italy, that remains to be discovered.

Sarnano is an ideal base for hiking vacation. Sits at the edge of the Sibillini National Park and convenient proximity to the many hiking trails and access refers to the higher mountain ranges.There are 18 ancient towns in the National Park and is home to some of Italy when Europas.In of fact has not most spectacular scenery in the hilltop town of Sarnano as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, by the Italian tourist board named.

Home to two of the most famous Italian Canyon walks, Gola del Fiastrone and Hells Canyon - which coils by 16 km from dramatic limestone cliffs and home monk, a reclusive existence for the last 20 years - after a church built, lived alone, a hermit-like.

Villa San Raffaello (San Rafael) is a tastefully reformed Italian farm.With four beautiful apartments and a spacious outdoor swimming pool all set within eight hectares of arable land.Offers breathtaking mountain views and unbeatable hiking possibilities in the surrounding countryside, couldn't hope for better Italian holiday Villen.In of fact, guests are supplied with many brands, walking routes, some near the Villa other further afield in the nearby Bergen.Jede route is complete with directions, surveys, photographs and detailed information about what you see and experience you Spaziergänge.qualifizierte mountains are also hired Guide.



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