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Top 5 driving tips in the UK


Please welcome guest blogger Leng globe

Remember where public transport is not going to rent a car to explore the areas,? after driving in the UK for 10 months now, I would like to to save yourself some tips to share that may out some unexpected surprises with you, when to share the road with others.

  1. Become aware of the condition of the road
Honestly, I can't decide if the city streets or roads worst are. Country roads are narrow with an occasional pothole but the road is often consistent and less traffic is always better. City streets, especially in greater London, type you feel are built piece by piece. The road surface can for some 50 meters, then they will be poorly unexpectedly good. The primary cause is due to road works. Road works are the latest craze in London today. Every day if you drive, you can ensure to come across at least a street work. You seem just as the streets trench and then cover it up again.Obviously not do a good job, or there are not so many potholes.Sometimes leave the contractor only the road works are not completed massive weekend a disability in the Verkehr.Was? out thawed the streets in spring after the snow are filled with potholes can, and you find yourself whizzing by links and right in a bid to avoid. There are also numerous speed bumps in residential areas and sometimes can ask more that prompts you to a short distance, necessary so many?

2. Roundabouts are massively popular
When I started driving in UK, I was disoriented a little by the roundabouts.There are just too many!Uncontrolled intersections are not clearly favored here, so get ready for your dose of roundabouts. If you have forgotten the rules, in a country where we give people drive on the left side of the road way to traffic on our right a Kreisverkehr.Wie you can imagine, conflicts can arise if all the traffic at the same time in a small roundabout. Not very safe in my opinion and some drivers can confused. The American system of using "STOP" is more secure in my experience. However, the good thing about a roundabout is when in a heavy stream of traffic with no one randomly you don't need a way to give to stop at all. 

3. Signage
Navigating the streets in the Kingdom can be sometimes very frustrating.Why?Signs that camp street names platziert.Die majority of you are very rare in prominent places waist level, are often from parked cars blockiert.jedoch are the parking signs or no load characters everywhere! My advice is, use a GPS Navigator or call a sat nav in the UK. A second point to note is that road that use names as a guide for the lanes are painted mostly on the road surface to the larger roundabouts. However, such street names are difficult to detect in situations where traffic bumper to bumper. In addition a street can have more than one name.For example, can the "North Circular Road" also called be "A406" and you will usually find painted "A406" on the road surface.

4. Flash and other street behavior
In my country, Singapore, if other drivers in high beam, use Flash you warn expressions or their anger.Sometimes if you unexpectedly in its streets to filter, or if you go too slow.Here in the UK flash driver as a token of thanks or their intention to give signaling.The majority of drivers are polite, especially in the landscape, but you can also like to go at a slow pace.Give way to others, and also expect to give way to Ihnen.Daher recommends most the opportunity to give it if you are looking for a track change signal.

5. Be careful with the speed limit of guides
After lived in California for a year and sailed extensively in the country, would I automatically add Guide 10 mph at a speed limit as I knew they tend that konservativ.Aber here in the UK, the speed guide can be very confusing. sometimes may be unnecessarily slow, but sometimes it is foolish to follow you, unless have the driving reflexes of the F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and a 4WD car that was once the road like glue Griffe.Ich is 50 mph.Allerdings driving in the Lake District and the specified maximum speed was with my limited experience drive narrow roads I knew that to be untrustworthy to verlangsamen.Es so I was the top speed might not be that a moment earlier, when I drove directly into a sharp bend the winding road hidden I 50 had driven interruption.If, I would find me no doubt at the bottom of a ravine.

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