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The other side of Lake George

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Please welcome guest blogger Lincoln from

For those who are familiar with the tourist trap which is Lake George, New York, there is a side to this popular destination, a far less commercial includes (but not less pretty)-Attraktion: Ticonderoga.

If you like vacationing in the Adirondack region, but you are ready to seasons away from the noisy atmosphere of Lake George during his busy, then you owe it yourself to a short definitely but majestic scenic drive North on the highway 9N.Die road runs along the Lake extends about 28 miles until you reach the top of the beautiful Lake and arrive at Ticonderoga, a small but beautiful city that contains a sprawling Wal-Mart Supercenter. Ticonderoga's main claim to fame his old historic Fort is one that remains largely intact and renovated for visitors, it an authentic feeling of rustic atmosphere than its counterpart, the Fort William Henry in Lake George (which is now part of a longer resort.)

On Ticonderoga certainly offers a peaceful environment for travelers, starting with its entrance, a long winding road, you past several memorials and trenches once in old battles, defeat was been dug long ago.After the car park and entering initial score can building, a warm fireplace greet during the cooler months while an indoor Café offers a modest menu lunch and drinks.Have called a drink cocoa or coffee by the fire and feel your nerves already as one otherwise, according to unravel the stress and busy life starts to melt.

You can then buy tickets and decide, take a tour or explore the Fort in your Freizeit.Zimmer and exhibits are outlined and neatly in an obvious labor of love all dekoriert.entlang take a moment to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of not only Lake George and Lake Champlain the old Fort walls and with the State of Vermont is threatening in Hintergrund.In of indeed a view that somehow has Lake George oriented despite the fervent activity of tourist village close to broadly unchanged over the centuries,.

Once you have completed the tranquil settings of the old Fort, explore you can choose to some of the return dining places that wheel have become local favorites like the wagon restaurant or hot biscuit Diner, or further back where expect a variety of possible restaurants along the way before returning South on 9N once again of Lake George in the city for treatment.

All in all you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds arose: the vibrant, modern activities of Lake George and the rustic, serene settings of Ticonderoga.

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