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Prime tourist attractions of Tamil Nadu

The legendary history of Tamil Nadu goes back thousands of years and more. The State has nourished, has old traditions and customs, that has been prevailing for many decades.

Holy shrines

The magnificent splendour of ancient temples hypnotized visitors. Tamil Nadu is dotted with numerous magnificent temple, decorated with elaborate carvings, beautiful sculptures and huge Gopurams. Several dynasties have left your wonderful creations in the form of the majestic temples, where you can find the intricate details of legendary heroes.Known as 'The city of temples', which provides state lasting heritage holy shrines in Mahabalipuram Kancipuram Tamnjore, Madurai.7Th century Mahabalipuram listed World Heritage site for its unique architecture of the impressive monuments as Anjuna's buses, the five chariots and the shore Tempel.Der thousand columns Meenakshi temple Madurai is sehenswert.Sind attractions of Thanjavur, Thiruvarur Gangailondacholapuram Brihadeeswarar Temple.

Sandy beaches

Blessed with long stretches of coastline, Tamil Nadu has several golden sandy beaches. The magnificent beauty of Casuarina trees and Coconut Grove, ocean waves wash the carpet of golden sand and calm ambience these beaches makes a perfect place to the relax and rejuvenate your mind and spirit. Enjoy Sandy delights at Marina Beach, Rameshwaram Beach, Mahabalipuram Beach, Covelong Beach and Kanyakumari on the beach.

Hill stations

The picturesque Hill stations Tamil Nadu offers spectacular views of dense forests, waterfalls and foggy Täler.Entfliehen you heat of the levels in the salubrious climate of Ooty mountain station the as ' Queen of the hills stations ' known wird.Es real quiet retreat for nature lovers to spend pleasant moments in the midst of lush greenery and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the foggy valleys with wild flowers covered.Some of the main attractions of the spa town Hill Dodabetta includes peak, lamb's Ooty Lake, rose garden etc.Other famous summer residence in Tamil Nadu is Kodaikanal hill resort.The undisturbed natural splendour of the thick forests, towering mountains and picturesque Lakes fascinates every Besucher.Coonoor, Yercuad Yelagiri, Kotagiri Hill stations offers a natural setting of the hilly landscapes and enchanting climate.

Wildlife sanctuaries

Tamil Nadu consist of some finest wildlife sanctuary, the Empire of diverse animal and Pflanzenarten.Der is State proud seventeen wildlife sanctuaries and five national parks with diverse topography haben.Wildlife locate can more popular wildlife sanctuaries Tamil der.Einige catch a glimpse of many species including Tiger, elephant, Gaur etc. and birds like partridges, Shama, hornbills and many Nadu Mudumalai Kalakkadu, Indira Gandhi are squirrels Mundanthurai Vallanadu black buck, crocodile sanctuary, Srivilliputhur giant Bank and Snake Park GUINDY.

Travel Tamil Nadu exploring an exciting experience to have the hidden beauties of the State.

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