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Germany - lets get some beer (travel)

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Beer or wine? That sums up the German Enigma. One is the heart of a Pilsner drink culture, Kegloads of visitors annually draws, is one of the world's major parties (Oktoberfest) and consumed with pleasure over the country. The other is worldwide exports, is responsible for gorgeous vine covered valleys and is enjoyed everywhere, often by cute little green-stemmed glasses.

And the questions about Germany next. Berlin or Munich? Castle or Club? Skiing or hiking? East or West? BMW or Mercedes? In fact, the answers are simple: both. Why choose?The beauty of is Germany, rather than choose, can revel in the contrasts (except maybe with the auto question…) .this to explore country and all its facets can keep visitors happy for weeks.

Berlin, edgy and lively, a grand is capital in a constant state of reinvention. At the other end, Munich, perches atop Bavaria, Centre of national traditions.Half-timbered villages not help but to bring smile as you your Castle shaded streets paved hiking.Cities of all sizes offer some of the best clubs in Europe, as enjoying the nature of the Alps skiing Hiking is carefully from the home of techno expect. preserved forests, wesentlich.Und fits the ancient traditions of the East, to compare like beautiful Dresden to the 21st century with Cologne, where decades of prosperity of its grand heritage burnish.



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