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Things to do in Karnataka

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Unravel the sheer charm of historic monuments

Holidays spent in Karnataka offers some life time memories to cherished are. The State is littered with brilliant architectural wonders worth of praise. The charisma of the world heritage sites is wonderfully decorated with elaborate carvings and beautiful sculptures.Ruined castles and palaces are apparently due to the emergence of the number of large and small kingdoms. magnificent ancient monuments and temples as Palace, rock cut GOL GUMBAZ, Mysore Temple of Badami, Hampi temples and palaces, etc. are left the excellent piece architecture, which rulers behind.

Discover the sandy zones

Karnataka coastline offers several exotic beaches where visitors enjoy your moments of leisure.Serene beaches invite you to relax the nature enthusiast and relax in the lap of nature and the most popular beaches of the State enjoy the picturesque Umgebung.Einige are Bhatkal Beach Beach, Murudeshwar, of Karwar Malpe Kurumgad, Maravanthe, Gokarna, Kaup.Diese beaches are perfect holiday destination for visitors, to enjoy the quiet sea Sandy pleasure close. The magnificent beauty of swaying palm of tress, endless stretches of golden sand, smooth waves and romantic environ hypnotized during sunset visitors.

Wildlife Tour thrilled to get

Explore the national parks and nature reserves spot diverse fauna Arten.Karnataka's wildlife reserves are rich in variety of wildlife habitants and covered with numerous plant species.Have an exciting experience in the driving insight of wild animals deep in the jungle and get and appreciate the natural charm of forests.Encounter species such as Panther, Tiger, sloth bear, Gaur, Panther, elephants and many more.Create a wildlife tour Dandeli Kali wildlife sanctuary, Kaveri River wildlife sanctuary, Bannerghatta wildlife sanctuary, Bandipur wildlife sanctuary, Ranganathittu bird sanctuary, Nagarhole National Park and Bhadra wildlife sanctuary.

Enter the world of adventure

Apart from sightseeing tour you have by fun adventure revel in exciting Abenteueraktivit├Ąten.Die destinations in Karnataka offer numerous adventure sports, enjoy the exciting and mystical are. white water rafting on the Netravati Sitanadi Hotel hole, Dandeli, Honnemaradu, Devbagh and Gokarna.Wenn you're looking for some breathtaking adventure sports, then treat yourself the Ramanagaram climbing the great heights of the high mountains to gewinnen.Menschen, fear to experience exciting adventures can fishing on Bhimeshwari genie├čen.Es is a paradise for anglers, how wealth of Mashseers are here to finden.Bangalore is an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts as the city offers many opportunities for parasailing.

Karnataka tourism offers to explore plenty of options for the Globetrotters.

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